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PR 26 Memorial Site has moved

This website has moved. Please go to the new location for the PR 26 Memorial website You can also click on the links in the menu below which are linked to pages at the new location.


Just before noon, March 16, 1970, a four-engine U.S. Navy propeller-driven EC-121 Super Constellation, PR 26, crashed at Da Nang Air Base, Vietnam. There were 31 U.S. Navy personnel, including the crew, aboard. Twenty-three Navy men, including my brother, did not survive.

Although this site is a memorial for those who lost their lives that terrible day, it is dedicated to all U.S. military service members - past, present and future - who have sacrificed so much. It is especially dedicated to those brave men who attempted to rescue those they could in spite of the real and present danger to themselves. Words cannot express the sincere gratitude that is felt. God Bless You All.

This website was first pubished in March of 2000. Since that time, some folks have been able to make contact with people who knew their loved one.Others have shared first hand accounts of the crash. Some have sent pictures to share. Others have shared their memories of the "Willie Victors", "Super Connies", VQ 1 or the Air Base at Da Nang, Vietnam (RVN).

I hope you find something useful or meaningful to you while you visit here. For those of you who are or were a member of the US Armed Forces, "Thank you for your sacrifice. You are appreciated. God Bless You."